Mandate-ka Wasaaradda


The Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (MoEWT) was established in February 2009 in recognition of the need to bring environmental issues under one umbrella for better coordination of policies, strategies and programs.

Puntland’s key environmental issues include the depletion of water resources, rangeland degradation and desertification, overuse of woodland resources and marine products, declining numbers of wildlife species and poor sanitation and waste management. Furthermore, the Puntland State is highly vulnerable to climate change. To sustainably manage the environment, it is necessary for two strategies to be employed: conservation and protection of the environment.


  • Provide a policy and regulatory framework for technical advice and information on matters pertaining to the environment, natural resources management and tourism development.
  • Provide leadership on the management, protection and conservation of the state’s natural resources and wildlife for sustainable development.
  • Ensure that the state’s natural resources benefit society and contribute to poverty alleviation through tourism and other commercial uses.


A healthy and pleasant environment sustaining nature for the wellbeing of the people and the economy


Provide leadership to manage the environment and natural resources in order to ensure national commitment for sustainable development for the benefit of the present and future generations. The ministry’s commitment is to achieve these through teamwork and strategic partnerships with the private sector and other stakeholders.


The MEWT’s overall goal is to develop and implement policies, strategies and programmes to provide leadership and professional guidance on all matters pertaining to the conservation and management of the Puntland’s environment and its natural resource for sustainable development and tourism.


The Ministry, serving as a catalyst, will collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve its strategic objectives. The dissemination of information and promotion of environmental friendly development programs and technologies will be the foundation of the ministry’s strategy.


  • Policy analysis and research in the area of environment and climate change relating to national development, poverty reduction, disaster management and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals.
  • Development and harmonization of environmental policies, laws and master plans with other sector policies so that environmental sustainability is ensured in development process.
  • Design and undertake Strategic Impact and Risk (e.g. chemical, oil spills, waste dumping) Assessment of environment and natural resources related policies and projects.
  • Take measures to ensure compliance with international environmental commitments for which Somalia is party.
  • Develop and formalize environment and natural resources sector wide monitoring system, comply with monitoring requirements, reporting and take remedial actions.
  • Create mass community education and awareness at all levels in relation to the environment and natural resources policy reforms and other major sector initiatives.
  • Capacity building for environment and natural resources related policy and program implementers and other stakeholders.
  • Strengthening of Environment and Natural Resource Management Institutions (Including traditional institutions).